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Pet Adoption, Animal Rescue in Washington DC

Mark your calendars for Pet Adoption, Animal Rescue in Washington DC!


We are a professional adoption agency for rescued, surrendered, neglected, poverty stricken or abandoned puppies. Over the past 26 years we perfected our training and delivery concept all designed to make the adoption transition into your home enjoyable. Our organization provides pet adoption services. Puppies are delivered by The puppy limo to Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Contact: Mustard Sandwich Contact: Heather Sullivan Phone: 8454453350 Website:

For more information, please call 8454453350 or

email :

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The organizational purpose of Animal Fund of America, Inc. is to provide support to animals in need. We will accomplish this by providing both financial and in-kind support to other organizations that are offering high quality services to animals. In addition we provide direct support to individuals in an effort to keep animals with their owners during times of need.