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I’m a very handsome Turkish Van with an energetic, spunky, and affectionate nature. I’m very outgoing, EXTREMELY TALKATIVE, and lots of fun to be around! If you dont know much about Turkish Van cats it may be wise to do some research on the breed because we are known for having strong personalities. I came to Animal Humane because I wasnt getting along with the other cats in my previous home. So now Im looking for a new home where I can be the only cat. I adore petting and enjoy being the center of attention. Keep reading to learn more about me and to find out what Im looking for in a new home.

Im De-clawed on my front paws. Since I dont have claws to protect myself, I must be kept strictly indoors! Also know that de-clawed cats have a difficult time adjusting to new environments, other pets & children because they have no way to protect themselves when they are frightened. Adopters must be very patient and…

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Pet ID: 31576 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Declawed


Animal Humane New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

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