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Vinny is a 4yr Mastiff/Bulldog mix and he is such a good boy! He loves everybody the second he meets them. He is super friendly and was a shelter favorite. He is mellow and quiet and nothing seems to phase him. He gets along with all of the other dogs, even when the little chihuahua’s try to eat him through the kennels. He looks at them and turns his head and wonders what their problem is? He is also just fine with the cats that run around the shelter and is fatherly to the little 8wk lab puppy that runs around as well. And playing tug-o-war with his giant rope is on his list of top things to do (along with sitting on your lap and sleeping on the sofa)

Vinny is about 60-70lbs, but just as sweet and gentle as they come. He would do great with any family and just loves kids (and lots of kisses will be involved).

You can see his videos at and …


Pet ID: 13M031 • Spayed/Neutered • Primary colors: Brindle, White or Cream


OutPaws, Denver, CO

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