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 Zack is a most unusual fellow with a marbled coat, tiger stripes and remarkable BLUE eyes. He has the look of a Bengal mix. He has a short hair and an array of lovely colors that swirl and streak across his back. A long lanky boy, he has the agile and elegant movements of a hunter.

Zack is an easy and lovable boy. He is so patient and kind even with children. He is very mellow and tolerates the antics of little ones very well. He’s great with the 19 month old in his foster home. And he is friendly with other cats and loves to play with them. He is ready to be friends with a visiting cat  immediately.  He is an all around nice guy who has no ‘issues’.

Zack is a gentle loving boy with a great attitude. He will fit into any loving home.


Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained


Clear Creek Cat Rescue (CCCR), Anchorage, AK

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